Come to the Table Hungry

I was fortunate to learn early that perhaps more important than time management is energy management. Working with peak-performance athletes and my paycheck on the line meant that whatever the cost, I had to learn how to produce results from sometimes dire situations. The first port of call whenever a revival or a key moment is looming is the gathering of both physical and mental energy. No matter how good your cognitive skills may be, without the proper energy behind your actions, you will deliver a lacklustre performance which will frustrate you more than your audience.

This is why a key phrase my clients have to adopt is, Come to the table hungry.

As much as I don’t want to reveal this, there is a challenge in leaving the table.. your ego and your sense of habit will not like this inactivity. It is imperative that you be strong and create a genuine diversion and not simply do nothing in your downtime, or your conscience will be pulling at you 24/7.

So when you sense you are missing the simple details you normally carry out with your eyes shut, when the fun seems to wane, and when relationships start to become hard work, leave the table and become hungry again.

You cannot dig your way out of a hole and you certainly cannot outwork the fatigue that you will inevitably face during these stretches.

The table will be just fine without you for a short while Go play and then return deliberately!!

Nick Bradley


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